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FCoE Quickie: Using Standard Ethernet Switches

I happened to come across a tweet on Twitter that asked the question: “Can FCoE ‘just work’ on regular Ethernet switches?” The answer to the question, while leading the asker to the right answer (no, you can’t use any old Ethernet switch) was nevertheless inaccurate.  Advertisements


Brocade and Evaluator Group’s Really, Really Bad FCoE Study

It’s been almost four years to the month that I took on Gartner’s horrible anti-FCoE diatribe, and since then I’ve joined Cisco, written a few more blogs, and even gone toe-to-toe with the technology’s largest critic – Brocade. For the most part, the tete-a-tete has been cordial, if a little snarky (just the way I like it!), and generally falls…

FCoE Fact Frustration? Me too.

Last week, I had a very interesting email conversation with Chris Mellor, storage writer for The Register. As a trade press reporter, Chris has been trying to distill some of the technologies of FCoE for his readers and one of his articles prompted me to write to him and offer some corrections and clarification. At first I thought that Chris’…

FCoE: The Birth of the SLAM Admin

We have LAN admins. We have Server admins. We have Storage admins. Each with its own culture and methods of doing things. Perhaps the biggest issue surrounding convergence is the need to converge people’s skillsets. I propose that teams that are going to be working together start seeing themselves as a joint SLAM (Storage and Local Area Management) admin, part…

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