Technology, Marketing, Philosophy, Academia… this is where any and all of the above can be found on any given day. “Everything is related to everything else,” and on this site in particular that mantra is the status quo.

Who am I?

Aside from being the man with the funny-spelled name (hint, yes, it really is spelled with one letter), I’m a former university professor-turned-entrepreneur who has been working in high tech (servers and storage) for over twenty years.

My job has been to turn Geek into English, primarily in the UK and in the US where it’s been my responsibility to create technical marketing plans for global and/or multinational and multicultural markets. I am currently living in Texas.

Obligatory Disclaimer: While I am employed by AMD, the thoughts and ideas on this website are entirely my own, and are not representative of, nor endorsed by, AMD, its partners or affiliates.


Much of what can be found here is directly related to professional endeavors. Commentary and articles about technology, industry, and future trends may provide some general analysis and perspective as to the world around us, especially global implications.


Anything and everything that impacts our daily lives are thrown into the mix. The “hows” and “whys” of the deeper significance of human events do not exist in a vacuum, and the consequences and repercussions of societal and individual activities are placed into perspective.


There is no greater weapon than man’s mind, and reason and rational thinking are the guiding force behind all the content here. It is much better to be reasoned with than agreed with, and it is with this intention that ideas will be stimulated, thoughts provoked, and concepts elucidated.

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  1. Loved your blog post on Gartner/FCoE ! I’ll link to it in one of my future blogs on the subject.

  2. J,

    The article on the Cisco blog site entitled, “FCoE ‘versus’ iSCSI – The Mystery is Solved” is incorrect. FCoE is not faster than iSCSI. This article cites a study by Demartek and then features a graph showing FCoE average latency of 13ms and iSCSI average latency of 26ms. Arguing that FCoE is much faster than iSCSI.

    However, if you read the Demartek study, you realize the whole point of the study was to compare network topologies, not protocols. The last page shows the testing for FCoE and iSCSI was done on different storage systems. The one used for FCoE testing was more than twice as fast – 48 15k drives – as the one used for iSCSI testing – 24 10k drives. Which completely explains the latency differences – not inherent in the protocols.



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