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autopoiesis (noun; au•to•poi•e•sis).
Nature self-organizes at all levels of scale in a large number of interacting units - from the very simplest to the most complex. These complex adaptive systems are present in all forms of nature, including human nature.





Storage Short Take #42

Back With Another Short Take\n\nAfter a much needed rest, we’re back with another Storage Short Take. But, first things first. In case you missed it, I’m very pleased to have been selected as a “Top...

Beaten By Cliffhanger

It was the last trail of the week, and the most difficult. After the set of crises earlier in the week, I had been dreading this trail more than ever. Cliffhanger. I still hadn’t forgiven...

Damn Near Wrecked It

(photo credit: Craig Carlson)\n\nI’d conquered worse. It really shouldn’t have been a big deal. And yet, here we were. \n\nOn approach to the Waterfall obstacle (photo credit: Craig Carlson)\n\nIt’s called “The Waterfall,” a multi-staged ascent...

Disaster! Disaster!

“Disaster! Disaster!” Unintentionally, my voice over the radio came across as snark, not panic. I’m not sure that was better, though. It was, after all, a disaster. Dave had already crested the next obstacle, and...

Storage Short Take #41

Ugh, too long, too long…\n\nSadly, time has flown by while life got in the way. Nevertheless, here is the 41st installation of the Storage Short Take.\n\nStorage Media and Technology\n\nThis is a really good article on...