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autopoiesis (noun; au•to•poi•e•sis).
Nature self-organizes at all levels of scale in a large number of interacting units - from the very simplest to the most complex. These complex adaptive systems are present in all forms of nature, including human nature.

Storage Short Take #40

Changing The Way We Look At Storage\n\nWe start this Short Take with a discussion that occurred on Twitter about the rise and flatline of Intel’s Optane storage. It begins with a good article on Blocks...

Storage Short Take #39

A lot can happen in two weeks…\n\nConference season hasn’t wound down completely, but we’re in the eye of the hurricane before the next round begins. It seems that during this time a lot of storage...

Storage Short Take #36

It’s astonishing how many human miseries can be resolved through forgiveness and radical acceptance. Never forgiving is taking poison to punish someone else—the more you punish the sicker you get.