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autopoiesis (noun; au•to•poi•e•sis).
Nature self-organizes at all levels of scale in a large number of interacting units - from the very simplest to the most complex. These complex adaptive systems are present in all forms of nature, including human nature.





Storage Short Take #56

Hasta La Vista, 2022!\n\nHappy Hannukah! Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanza! Fabulous Festivus! (Whatever works for you.) This is the last SST of the year, and like we’ve come to expect there are several last-minute news and...

Storage Short Take #55

Winding Down 2022\n\nThis is likely the penultimate Short Take for 2022, and has several interesting pieces. As always, links are live at time of publication.\n\nStorage Media and Technology\n\nSeagate has announced a HDD that’s as fast...

Storage Short Take #54

Short Take for the Short Take\n\nIt’s an abbreviated one this time around, because of some intervening travel and a busier-than-usual few weeks. As always, links were live at the time of publication.\n\nStorage Media and Technology\n\nPersonally,...

Storage Short Take #53

Time for a Change?\n\nEver since I wrote my recent article on what size drive to use for RAID 5, I’ve been diving much, much deeper into the topic. I picked up the FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS (affiliate...

Storage Short Take #52

A More Reasonable Length\n\nNo lengthy intro today. Short and sweet. As always, links were live at time of publication.\n\nStorage Media and Technology\n\nTop of the list this time around is my good friend, Erik Smith’s new...

Storage Short Take #51

Re-Emerging Into The Real World\n\nSince the last Short Take we’ve had the SNIA Storage Developer Conference (you can register on-demand for $95, btw, and it’s a steal at the quality of content). I’m not going...