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Having Lost The Joy

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Recently I came across a review of the movie Whiplash by Adam Neely, a YouTuber who wanted to talk about it from a jazz musician’s perspective. The entire reaction is definitely worth watching, because Adam goes through some of the culture of Jazz musicians that the movie definitely misses. But it was this part that really struck a nerve with …

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Worst Nightmare

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Photo by David Spiers on UnsplashThe thing about dreams is that there’s no way to tell what they’re like for anyone else. Trying to explain what happens in your dreams seems nearly impossible, as words don’t often seem to capture the sense of scope or scale. The XKCD comic is absolutely perfect: My dreams are vivid. The colors are …

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More Than Just A Jeep

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“That’s a boss rig, man.” I was coming out of the gas station, back towards my truck that was sitting at the refueling pumps, my trailer carefully parked so that others could get their own cars and trucks in between the pumps. My Jeep sat high on top of the trailer, immovable via 3” straps from the axles to giant …

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The Mysterious Hard Drive

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but something happened over the weekend that is prompting me to write a blog that I believe is worth spreading far and wide. You see, over the weekend I found myself the unexpected caretaker of a complete stranger’s digital life. Through a strange set of circumstances, I found myself in possession of his …

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Quora: How Do I Stop Myself From Oversharing?

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An interesting question on Quora came up, and I thought I’d try my hand at answering: How do I stop myself from impulsively oversharing deep and personal sad stuff about myself to people who barely know me? Why do I do this? So, putting on my “armchair psychiatrist” hat, I thought I’d write a response. It’s a very straightforward question that …