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J’s 2023 Storage Predictions: Year of Blockchain and NFTs

In Entertainment, Philosophy, Politics, Storage, Technology by J Michel Metz2 Comments

I’ve long been critical of weak predictions for the upcoming year. I mean, how often can you get to the point where we say that it’s not a prediction to say that there’s going to be “more data than ever before?” I love bold predictions. I actually especially love the predictions that were hilariously, objectively wrong. Just 3 years ago the predictions …

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Redundant Array of Independent Duties

In Philosophy, Politics, Storage, Technology by DiogenesLeave a Comment

Diogenes discusses the notion that data protection schemes can be extended to a social commentary. Heavy centralization of businesses lead to economic instability and social unrest. Instead, Diogenes makes the case for a redundant array of independent duties, in that it is more resilient socially and economically to have many smaller to mid sized businesses in industries and cities than a few large ones.