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Worst Nightmare

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Photo by David Spiers on UnsplashThe thing about dreams is that there’s no way to tell what they’re like for anyone else. Trying to explain what happens in your dreams seems nearly impossible, as words don’t often seem to capture the sense of scope or scale. The XKCD comic is absolutely perfect: My dreams are vivid. The colors are …

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Rant: Diabetic Insulin Pumps, A Giant Leap Backwards

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I’m a diabetic. Unlike some people who seem to take great pleasure in identifying themselves and building personal brands as diabetics, I don’t like talking about my diabetes. For more than 30 years I’ve worked hard to minimize others’ association between myself and the disease, hopefully with a modicum of success. I’m going to step outside myself this once to indulge …

The Joys of Sony PS4 Customer Service

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Back in April I bought a PlayStation 4, having held off for a while to see if the prices would come down. At that time, there was a rare sale on Amazon and I thought I’d bite the bullet. After all, I had already bought The Last of Us and was dying to play the game anyway. While I was actually …

Review: Namale Resort (Fiji)

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Bula! Bula! After spending a week in Namale, I feel like I can finally get my head wrapped around the experience enough to write a review of the resort. Since we never left the resort, I can’t make any claim about Fiji, the Fijian people, or any of the cultural experiences that were on offer while we were here. So, …

Yet Another Social Media Misunderstanding

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Today I saw an article float by in the Twitter river: “Why do only 7% of managers consider social media skills most important for employees?” Go ahead and read the article, because the attitudes are pretty interesting. The author, however, conflates a couple of things and winds up 180 degrees from the direction he should be facing. First, “social media” …

Cagematch: Synology vs. Drobo

In Customer Service, Storage, Technology by J Michel Metz22 Comments

This post is a long time coming and is extremely overdue. The only reason why I am finally getting off my rump and writing something is because today I was forwarded an open letter, “mea culpa” article written by Tom Buiocchi, CEO of Drobo on Scott Kelby’s site. Now, I only got the link to Mr. Buiocchi’s response, and I …