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Review: Entropy Centre (VG)

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I’m a big fan of well-done puzzle games. Many of them come from indie developers and are absolutely gorgeous to look at, challenging to play, and thought-provoking to boot. I recently completed The Entropy Centre, a time-bending puzzle game from indie game studio Stubby Games (named after the founder, Daniel Stubbington). The game is nearly perfect in many ways, and …

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Having Lost The Joy

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Recently I came across a review of the movie Whiplash by Adam Neely, a YouTuber who wanted to talk about it from a jazz musician’s perspective. The entire reaction is definitely worth watching, because Adam goes through some of the culture of Jazz musicians that the movie definitely misses. But it was this part that really struck a nerve with …

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Review: I Think We’re Alone Now (2018)

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I Think We’re Alone Now isn’t a bad movie, per se. It has its moments of great potential, so perhaps its greatest sin is that it never has the bravery to tackle some of the subject matter it brings up. Slow and plodding (as opposed to methodical, which would have been forgivable), the movie wastes brilliant actors and a strong indie …