Hidden Treasures: Unknown Favorite Movies

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What great movies are hidden away in a vault somewhere?

Yesterday, I asked people on Twitter about the kind of movies about their favorite movie that nobody knew about. We all have those movies, of course, the rare gems that are brilliant but – for whatever reason – slipped through the cracks when people start becoming nostalgic about their favorite ones.

The response was great. People started piping in their favorite movies, which has added significantly to my “I want to watch this” list.

As promised, here is the crowd-sourced list, complete with IMDB listings. For your convenience, I’ve also added in whether or not I found the film on Netflix (almost none of them) or Amazon (almost all of them). You’ll have to do your own searching for other services (YouTube, etc.).

The list covers just about all genres: Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi, even 80s teen sex comedies (well, one), from several different countries. I think it’s a living list, so if you’ve got contributions to make – by all means add them in the comments below!

The criteria here should be that it’s a movie that you absolutely love, but very few people even know about. My starter choice is at the top (otherwise, in the order in which I received them):

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