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Willys Jeep: Porkchop and Badger’s New Workshop

A pictorial of the workshop for Porkchop and Badger.


Willys Jeep: Badger Mockups and Brake Lines

This is really just a quick blog with some photos to show a little progress (very little). I’ve been mocking up the steering and the brake lines to make sure that everything fits before I tighten everything together. A couple of things that I would love to have some advice on, however, are the proper placement for brake lines and…

Willys Jeep: Badger’s Steering Requires Advice

  This weekend was frustrating. So frustrating that I had to send out this tweet: Badger 5, J and the Wife 1. One tough cookie. #WillysJeep — J Metz (@drjmetz) March 15, 2015 When my wife and I went out to work on Badger over the weekend, it seemed that we got stymied every step along the way. What’s worse, it’s…

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