Willys Jeep: Rims and Tires for the Badger

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Just a quick photo update for some stuff. I am so severely backlogged on the blogging that I just need to put something up here to show myself that progress is actually being made.

Pre-Cleaned Rims

I actually had these rims off the Jeep a long time ago, but had been waiting until I got them powder-coated and, perhaps, got tires to go along with it.

Pre-Cleaned Rims

As it turned out, it didn’t take me long to get them sandblasted and powder-coated, but they sat in my porch for the longest time. 🙁


I think they came out really well, though.

Rims (1)

But this past week I got the NDT tires for the Badger, and since the axles are almost ready as well, it was time.

Rims (2)

Got to be up close and personal as they mounted the inner tube into the tire and onto the rim.

Rims (3)

In case you’ve wondered how to install an old-school style tire that requires an innertube, here’s a video of the process. If you have no desire to know, um, you probably shouldn’t watch the video.


Then the tires are balanced, just like normal

Rims (4)

And then the finished tire is ready to go.

Rims (5)

More info to come about what’s been happening, I promise.



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