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I’m proud to announce that Mind Commerce has just published my market analysis of Google Buzz. “This report is one of the must-read reports for people who want to understand and evaluate the importance of Google Buzz within the Social Media/Networking space. These include – but are not limited to – social media planners, marketing decision-makers, and strategic advertising professionals.”

From the description:

By taking a top-down, “big picture” approach, this report successfully answers questions a reader may have for this particular subject, namely :

· What is Social Networking?
· What are the types of Social Networking?
· A brief overview of Google Buzz
· How does Google Buzz work?
· What does Google Buzz’ mobile interface look like?
· How is Buzz different than Facebook, Twitter, and/or other Social Networking platforms?
· What are the privacy concerns surrounding Google Buzz?
· What does Google Buzz mean to mobility?
· What is Google’s incentive for creating Buzz?
· How does Google plan to capitalize on Buzz for its revenue model?
· How would advertisers capitalize on Buzz?
· What does Google have in store for the future?
· How does Google Buzz affect a company’s social media strategy?
· What is the best way to use Google Buzz for social media planning?
· Is Google Buzz something I can risk not investigating?

In truth, I’m very proud of this report not only because it was blitzed out in only 3 short weeks, but because there are some key findings in there that place Buzz into context with respect to Facebook and Twitter that I have not found anywhere else in any other analysis. From a M-A-M perspective, this falls squarely on the “Understanding Media” portion, especially from the aspect of understanding that not all media are created equal.


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