Jeep: Bringing it Home

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So, I went and picked up the Jeep a couple of days ago. It’s actually in even better condition than I thought it would be. We actually got the engine running!


A day earlier, my Service and Repair manual came in the mail, so obviously it’s helping engender quite a bit of excitement.

Service Repair Manual

Service Repair Manual

Perhaps a little too much excitement. I also picked up a lot of tools that I didn’t have (I have a tendency to be a bit paranoid about not having the right tool for the job and winding up breaking something because I improvise). Last week I went to Harbor Freight and wound up getting dollies, jacks, brushes and a lot of lubricant for the rusted bolts.

Today I went to Sears and picked up wrenches and a Craftsman 150 psi air compressor. I can’t wait┬áto use this sucker to clean out the debris in the engine. I made sure it was powerful enough to run the air wrench and air ratchet, as well as eventually be useful enough for running a grinder and a media blaster.

One of the things I’m going to be doing (just haven’t done yet) is begin to record 1) how much money I’ve been spending and 2) how much time it’s going to take. So far I’ve only been applying the lubricant to the bolts on the front tow bar and (hideous) roll bar, since I need to see how it works and I honestly don’t care if something goes wrong with those two pieces.

This weekend, though… boy I’m looking forward to being able to use more than 10 minutes of daylight that I’ve had after I get home from work.

Backing it in

Parked in its new home

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