Willys Jeep: The First Step is Acknowledging You Have A Problem

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Looking back I see that it’s been a month since I’ve last posted, which surprised me at first. Then I realized that yes, with the traveling for work and some of the crappy weather, it actually had been a while since I was able to actually work on the Jeep, let alone post about it. I did manage to get …

Jeep: First Weekend

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With the first 3-day holiday weekend of the year, I managed to make as much of a dent in the jeep project as I could. What became obvious, though, is that the old beast ain’t givin’ up its secrets willingly. Not that this is a surprise, of course. I mean, it’s been severely mistreated for the past several decades. Left …

Jeep: Bringing it Home

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So, I went and picked up the Jeep a couple of days ago. It’s actually in even better condition than I thought it would be. We actually got the engine running! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNQPJusWy8M] A day earlier, my Service and Repair manual came in the mail, so obviously it’s helping engender quite a bit of excitement.