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Willys Jeep: Operation Porkchop

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You ever see those makeover shows where a team of highly capable people come and work on a project that turn out to be real before-and-after showstoppers? Shows like Overhaulin’, and such. This past weekend, I had my own version of the “A-Team” show up and put Porkchop into working order. And it was jaw-dropping – not to mention humbling …

Willys Jeep: Badger Mockups and Brake Lines

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This is really just a quick blog with some photos to show a little progress (very little). I’ve been mocking up the steering and the brake lines to make sure that everything fits before I tighten everything together. A couple of things that I would love to have some advice on, however, are the proper placement for brake lines and …

Geeks with Jeeps Week in Moab, Utah (Pictorial)

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I’m going to be posting some of these on my 500px account, which will require more work because of keyword tagging, etc. But for now I thought I’d simply post the main photos here (there are over 100, so take your time. No, I didn’t take Porkchop or Badger (they’re not ready for travel anywhere, and even if they were …

Pleasanton Auto Show (Pictorial)

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Yesterday my wife asked me if we could go to an auto show this weekend. Yeah, I know – she’s a keeper! Here are some of the pictures that I took of some of the cars (there were over 3000 there, many were for sale! It’s amazing that I actually didn’t walk away with something! I tweeted some of the …

Willys Jeep: Badger’s Steering Requires Advice

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  This weekend was frustrating. So frustrating that I had to send out this tweet: Badger 5, J and the Wife 1. One tough cookie. #WillysJeep — J Metz (@drjmetz) March 15, 2015 When my wife and I went out to work on Badger over the weekend, it seemed that we got stymied every step along the way. What’s worse, it’s …

Willys Jeep: Badger Engine and Steering Improvements (Pictorial)

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If you’ve been reading up on my work on the Jeeps so far, you’ll know that I love before/after pictures. It makes me all warm and goose-pimply when a lot of hard work can be seen at a glance. Sometimes, however, it also is just a reminder that some patience and hard work will actually pay off. Today’s edition of before-and-after photos …

Willys Jeep: One Tough S.O.B. (Steering On Badger)

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Today was the first day in a long time that I’ve 1) been home and 2) the weather has been nice enough to actually get some work done on Honey Badger. Over the New Year break I had managed to get some new parts and tools to help get some work done on the civilian Jeep and I’ve been itching …

Willys Jeep: Porkchop Suspension and Trailer (pictorial)

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I’ve been falling behind in my reports of progress. The good news is that instead of writing about working on the Jeeps, I’ve actually been working on the Jeeps. Here is a pictorial of some of the progress that I’ve made most recently (given the lack of updates, some additional progress may be visible in the photos). Less commentary, more pictures!

Willys Jeep: Axle and Frame Reassembly

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For much of this project there has been a lot of “one step forward, two steps back,” especially when it comes to things like brakes and suspension for Porkchop. My exasperation was mitigated a bit, however, when I made some excellent progress within a two weeks time with the help of my wife and a friend. In the short video …