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Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 8.26.07 PM This is a categorization of vendor neutral educational material, organized by topic. I’ve sorted these materials for those people who are looking for specific information about NVMe and some topic (e.g., Fabrics, Transports, Performance, etc.).

There is also a “Program of Study” for those who don’t know where to start learning about the subject matter and want a syllabus to follow. This is useful for people who like to learn in a more formal progression.

I will continue to update this list whenever new material becomes available (and, of course, remove out-of-date material as well). 

NVMe Websites

(Organization) NVM Express

(Analyst) The NVMe Place

NVMe (Protocol)

(Specification) NVMe specification 1.2.1 

(Blog) NVMe for Absolute Beginners by J Metz

(Whitepaper) NVM Express, Explained. By NVM Express.

(Blog) NVMe Overview and Primer, Part I, by Greg Schulz

(Webinar) The Performance Impact of NVMe and NVMe over Fabrics. Presented November 13, 2014. by David Akerson; Amber Huffman; J Metz; Dave Minturn; Steve Sardella

(Article) NVMe 1.3 Specification Published With New Features For Client And Enterprise SSDs. Billy Tallis

(Webinar) NVMe 1.3 – Learn What’s New! Jonmichael Hands

(Blog) What’s new in NVMe 1.3. J Metz

(Webinar) The Future and Evolution of NVMe. J Metz and David Allen

(Blog) Base NVM Express. By Murali Rajagopal “Part 1”

NVMe over Fabrics (Protocol)

(Definition) NVMe over Fabrics by TechTarget

(Blog) NVMe over Fabrics for Absolute Beginners. By J Metz

(Blog) NVMe Over Fabrics Architectural Overview. By Murali Rajagopal (“Part 2”)

(Specification) NVMe over Fabrics Specification 1.0

(Webinar) Under the Hood with NVMe over Fabrics. Presented December 15, 2015.  By Dave Minturn and J Metz

(Presentation) NVM Express over Fabrics. Presented at the Open Fabrics Alliance by Dave Minturn

(Webinar) NVM Express Fabrics Protocol and Architecture. Presented November 19, 2015, by Mike Shapiro.

(Webinar) NVM Express over Fabrics – A Panel Discussion. Presented October 20, 2016, by NVM Express.

(Blog) Fibre Channel and NVMe over Fabrics. By J Metz

(Blog) NVMe over Fabrics: Not Ready (Yet). By Erik Smith

(Webinar). SNIA Presents NVMe over Fabrics at Storage Field Day 16. By SNIA @StorageFieldDay

NVMe Management (NVMe-MI™)

(Webinar) The NVMe Management Interface (NVMe-MI™) – Learn What’s New. Peter Onufryk and Austin Bolin

(Blog). NVMe Management Interface. By Murali Rajagopal (“Part 4”)


(Webinar) NVM Express Solutions: Delivering Real-World Benefits. Presented December 10, 2015. by Jonmichael Hands

(Webinar) NVMe over Fabrics: Market Uptake, Benefits and Use Cases. Brandon Hoff

OS and Drivers

(Webinar) NVM Express in the Linux Stack, by Stephen Bates, Keith Busch and Matias Bjorling

(Video) NVM Express Device Drivers. by Uma Parapelli.

NVMe Architectures and Deployments

(Blog) NVMe Overview and Primer, Part II, by Greg Schulz

(Video) NVMe Lessons Learned: Deploying NVMe Flash in Real Systems. Panel session at 2016 Flash Memory Summit.

NVMe and PCIe

(Webinar) NVM Express Architectures – Exploring Data Center PCIe Topologies. By Jonmichael Hands and Peter Onufryk.

(Webinar) NVMe/PCIe as a Storage Interface, by Cameron Brett.

(Webinar) NVM Express and PCI Express for Mobile. By Dave Landesman.

NVMe and RDMA (incl. IB, RoCE, and iWARP)

(Webinar) How Ethernet RDMA Protocols iWARP and RoCE Support NVMe over Fabrics, by David Fair and John Kim.

(Webinar) Benefits of RDMA in Accelerating Ethernet Storage Connectivity, by Jim PInkerton, Brian Hausauer, Mike Jochimsen, Tom Talpey, and David Fair

NVMe and Fibre Channel

(Webinar) Deep Dive into NVMe over Fibre Channel. Craig Carlson, Curt Beckman, J Metz

(Webinar) Introducing Fibre Channel NVMe (FC-NVMe). Craig Carlson, J Metz

(Blog) Fibre Channel and NVMe over Fabrics. J Metz

NVMe and Client (Consumer) 

(Webinar) NVM Express and PCI Express for Mobile. By Dave Landesman.

(Webinar) NVM Express for Consumers: Bringing High-Performance PCIe SSDs to the Mainstream. By Jonmichael Hands and Rommel Camillo

Form Factors

(Blog) NVMe U2 (8639) vs. M2 interfaces, by Greg Schulz

(Blog) NVMe Overview and Primer, Part IV, by Greg Schulz


(Blog) NVMe Overview and Primer, Part III, by Greg Schulz

(Slides) How the Streamlined Architecture of NVM Express Enables High Performance PCIe SSDs, by Peter Onufryk


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