The Self-Obsolescence of Ultra-Liberal Academics

Like many conferences, the lessons to be taken away from Academic conferences often have very little to do with anything that people actually spoke about. In this particular case, one of the lessons to be taken away is how Queer Studies, Gender Studies, and African-American Studies appear to have successfully sealed their own death sentence.

Serving at the Pleasure of Government

The not-so-subtle encroachment of government will upon individuals cannot be taken lightly. Take a look at the Terry Shiavo and Rachel Boim cases.

Power and Humor

Did you know that when you make a joke, you are attempting to control a relationship? Yeah, I bet that was foremost on your mind as well.

California’s Slight of Hand

By now the story about teaching Islam in California’s government schools should be pretty well known. Most conservative organizations and authors lament the fact that no other religion is taught in those schools, as well as the fact that the negative aspects of Islam are often glossed over or ignored. These conservatives are, however, seriously missing the point.

Government, Our God

It’s interesting how history repeats itself if you know where to look. Sometimes, even if you don’t know where to look, serendipity looks you right in the eye and smacks you upside the head.

Whither the Race Debate

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what’s truly at stake with race relations when it comes to Affirmative Action.

Security vs. Liberty: The Myth of “Nothing to Hide”

There have been several disturbing polls in the past year that are truly frightening. In them, a trend is emerging: the American citizenry is becoming more and more willing to trade in its precious freedoms (the little that they have) for the perception of security.

Philosophy of Grading

Perhaps there is nothing more controversial in a classroom as the grading procedures. I have long been an staunch critic of the traditional “percentage” system of grading, for a number of reasons. As I enter the classroom yet again, my controversial system is again called in question, and I feel that perhaps this might be a useful description of why and how I grade the way I do.